Dinosaur School Incursions

A multi-part primary school dinosaur incursion.

Could there possibly be anything more exciting than having a dinosaur incursion visit your school? No matter what the occasion combining dinosaurs and comedy is a sure-fire recipe for a day the kids will love. We have three different packages which we have found are perfect for any school occasion.

The Full Incursion Package
Our dinosaur incursion includes a totally hilarious comedy puppet show that people are literally raving about and our T-Rex Encounter with Tyson The dancing dinosaur who is a 4m long full body T-Rex puppet. Tyson is guaranteed to leave everyone smiling and have the kids talking about your incursion for weeks afterward. The entire incursion is approximately an hour. It is suitable for the entire school and will play to up to 800 kids (we recommend that if you have more than 800 kids you have 2 shows and we will give you a very special price on show number 2). We bring our stage, set, backdrop, and sound system which transforms the show into an impressive, high impact theatrical event.

The Small Group Incursion Package
This is a lightweight version of our incursion designed just for smaller groups with a limited budget. We bring a backdrop and a PA system and we perform our 45-minute comedy dinosaur ventriloquist show. This version is limited to a maximum number of 120 kids as we use a smaller PA and we don’t bring a stage. Please note: this package does not include the T-rex Encounter.

The Ultimate Incursion Package (with our dinosaur educational talk)
This has everything in our full package and a 30-minute entertaining talk on dinosaurs which not only covers amazing facts that are rarely heard about well-known dinosaurs such as the T-Rex and the Triceratops but also introduces our own Australian dinosaurs such as the Australovenator and the Muttaburrasaurus. We normally do this as a separate session so the kids get a break between this and the show. You can hold this part for everyone or you may wish to have just those over pre-primary or even just those studying dinosaurs attend the talk. It is very portable so you can hold it in a different area such as a classroom, library etc.

We love coming to primary schools and capturing the imagination of every child from the tiny tots to the almost teenagers who we re-inspire with new facts and an interactive comedy show that literally plays to all ages, yes even the teachers love it. One of our recent clients said…

“I love what you do, your talent is rare and extraordinary. We thought the ventriloquist section of the Dinkum Dinosaur show was the absolute highlight. The stage set up, sound quality, engagement with the audience and the content was ‘spot on’ for our children. The puppets look fantastic and the kids were 100% engaged and thoroughly delighted!!! Keep up the great work.

Lucille Robertson


Melville Primary School

The kids get to learn even more about the dinosaurs they love and some amazing Australian dinosaurs too.

The incursion also touches on many different outcomes such introducing the science and thinking involved in paleontology as well as demonstrating a number of the arts from acting and comedy to puppetry and ventriloquism. The main thing though is its fun and will be remembered by the staff and students alike as one of the highlights of the year.

“My students and I agree … Ranger Jim and Dezzy the Dinosaur were fantastic!  The children were engaged, enthusiastic and learning loads of interesting information about dinosaurs while having a lot of fun.  As a teacher, I appreciated your professional attitude in arriving at school (even before me!) to ensure that everything was organised and prepared in good time.  I recommend this school based activity and this organisation whole-heartedly.”

Natalie Fontaine
Bertram Primary School

We normally hold the incursion in your undercover area or inside a hall.

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